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    Default How to change the speakers and add tweeters

    Plastic surround can be levered off at five clip points.

    The grill can then be removed by levering out with a screwdriver in the mounting holes.

    The wonderful smart standard speakers!

    Smart Speakers removed

    New speakers fitted. Note mounting lug has been cut off as it obscures the grill mounting point. A extra hole for one of the mounting points is required as the Smart speakers are of a non-standard fitting. If you require tweeters to be added dont fit the speakers in yet, you need to drop a wire down from the wing mirror area.

    To add tweeters, pull off the boot covering the wing mirror arm.

    Unscrew the nut that holds the arm in place

    The cover can then be removed by putting down the window and pulling from the top at the right (where it meets the window). It should unclip. Dont pull too hard just in case the wing mirror arm does not release from the housing.

    Remove the blanking plug in the center and fit tweeters. Dont forget to fit a cross over or at least a capacitor (about 2.2uF) otherwise you will cook the tweeters.

    Attach tweeters to wire that was connected to the speaker.

    When you put the cover back on, it needs to go back together with the bottom clip in first, otherwise it wont pull together correctly.

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    Default speaker size?

    can anyone tell me the diameter of the door speakers as i want to change the front ones and put two in the back doors as i was a cheapskate when i bought the car and did'nt go for the upgrade.


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    Default have you found the rear wires?

    I wanted to put some rears in my black edition but couldn't find the wires

    I upgraded the fronts to Sony's and it sounds much better

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    Quote Originally Posted by C8RNT
    can anyone tell me the diameter of the door speakers as i want to change the front ones and put two in the back doors as i was a cheapskate when i bought the car and did'nt go for the upgrade.

    13cm and up to 60mm deep, according to Badger's pdf of this procedure

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    cheers i'll start trawling ebay for some and change em all. i have'nt had the back door cards off yet so don't know if the wiring is already there or not but will let you know as soon as i do.

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    Default rear speakers

    to put speakers in the rear do the same as the front but when you take the grille off you will need to cut the plastic out of the middle of the hole to enable the speaker to fit, this is easy with a sharp stanley knife.
    next take the rubber conduit out from the door post and the door,when you take the door post one out there will be a multi plug just inside the body which has the rear speaker wires upto it, one is yellow with a red trace and the other is grey with a red trace,feed your new speaker wire through the conduit and into the door to the speaker hole and the other end needs to be connected to these two wires. i have cut mine just as they go into the multi plug and then joined them and taped them. pop everything back in it's hole and then fit your speaker as the front ones. easy - job done.
    i have got photos but could'nt work out how to put them on here, it says they are too big.
    i fitted sony explod 2 way speaker which i got off ebay for 17.99 a pair, the guy did me four for 42 including delivery.
    hope this helps.

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    C8RNT - are you saying that without paying for the speaker upgrade the wiring is still there and just needs speakers connected? Did you have to change anything at HU end or simply connect the rears to the cable already there?



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    yip the wiring is up as far as the door pillar on the body of the car so you just need a speaker and a bit of wire, you dont need to do anything else. mine sounds great with the extra speakers. if you want photos to help you just give me your email address and i'll send them, they show exactly what to look for.

    cheers gary

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    Did your car have tweeters already or didnt you opt for the sound upgrade?
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    We didn't have the upgrade, knowing Smart's std of speakers we got some for about 20 from some car audio place & he fitted them!

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