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    Default Re: Gear "0". DAS Xentry info

    Still zero. It's either N or zero no matter what I do with the stick.

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    Default Re: Gear "0". DAS Xentry info

    But DAS report correctly when you push the gear lever forward and backwards form the "drive" position?

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    Default Re: Gear "0". DAS Xentry info

    Yes. When you move the gear selector stick das recognises all the signals and shows then correctly. When you finish das and disconnect it only shows N and 0.

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    Default Re: Gear "0". DAS Xentry info

    Have you checked the brake switch adjustment ?
    I dont know about the 450, but on a roadster this is a rather critical adjustment, causing
    various problems, one of which is a "0" gear select.
    Apparantly there is a timing problem between the various controllers involved.
    Both cars have the same adjustment requirements, so worth checking.
    Easy check:
    1.Measure the distance from the underside of the steering wheel to the lower part of the brake pedal.
    2.Slowly press the pedal until tbe brake light just comes on, and repeat measure.
    The difference (pedal travel) should be between 8-12 mm.
    Otherwise adjustment of the switch is needed.

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    Default Re: Gear "0". DAS Xentry info

    Thanks. Actually replaced the switch just to be sure. It's fully opening and closing. Had another fiddle today. Moved clutch actuator to increase preload. Couldn't set bite point so backed it off a little then it set ok, but still fails clutch tests.
    Have taken the plunge and ordere new clutch.
    Also noticed it won't rev past 3,000 so is in limp mode. Grrrr! What's the most likely cause of that? And could the two issues be related? Thanks all for the advise so far. Really appreciated.

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    Default Re: Gear "0". DAS Xentry info

    FIXED! Dodgy connection in SAM unit and dead ESP/abs unit. Cleaned Sam pin connectors and internals, fitted second hand esp/abs unit. And all works good. Yay! I had discounted the ESP errors as I run it with a esp disabling plug and don't have the front wheel sensors or steering angle sensor fitted. But guess it must still need esp to work for it to run properly and engage gears.. Thanks for all of the help and suggestions. I now have a diagnostics kit and spare clutch as well. All good. The Smubaru van lives on!
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    Default Re: Gear "0". DAS Xentry info

    Well done,

    Nice to know you found and cured the real problem and not just some of the symptoms.


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