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    Default Maintenance query (technical)

    Car is just coming up to 3 years old so decided I would look at doing some maintenance myself now.
    It probably needs new front discs and pads, and I think the battery is a bit suspect.
    For the brakes, euro car parts seem to sell Brembo parts which should be OK?
    Are there any special requirements to changing them myself?
    Does anyone know the required torque settings?

    Regards the battery, obviously a bit wary of changing and loosing power to the car for a few minutes.
    Anything require resets etc?

    Outside of that, also thought about a remap.
    Who has this done on a 453 turbo?
    Best places, prices etc?

    P.S why is this site so slow?! Sure it must affect how many people use it!

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    Default Re: Maintenance query (technical)

    Site works just fine for myself on both pc & kindle fire 10.
    Ps you put zero context in re "slow" site, so will only result in guesswork.

    Would suggest you get the radio / media hub code asap as a matter of course & stick it in the car file & in the car itself somewhere.
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    Default Re: Maintenance query (technical)

    I did discs and pads late last year at about 38k miles - I think I got Bosch (for both)

    Make sure you get the vented thicker discs for the 453 turbo , the NA has solid discs.

    Nothing special in getting them replaced , a couple of bolts to remove to fully remove the calliper , swap and refit - also a barsteward of a calliper spring to clip/hook back on (use some pliers)... as for torques use the same force that you used to remove the bolts in the first place
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    Default Re: Maintenance query (technical)

    Re maintenance what TAIM said

    Regarding the remap come see us at
    First in the UK to remap these ( our own 453 90 auto. NOT a customers car used as a Guinea pig )
    118-121bhp afterwards.
    Our car has been running this power since 2015 with no problems at all
    Have also remapped another companies own 453s

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