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Thread: Error log file.

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    Default Error log file.

    Hi y'all. tried this post a while ago, not bothered keeping on top of things as had other fish to fry, so maybe now is the time? Anyone know what I ought to look into from this report? It's a back burner job, but may soon have time on my hands to look further into it. Also, best way to remove and flush old stale fuel from the car and systems in case I can get the thing to talk with the key and live again? All help gets a virtual beer! Cheers folks.

    BAH! can't seem to successfully upload the pdf file. What am I doing wrong? Bother, mither , grief, blah balh.
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    Fuel takes a long time to go stale in the uk due to the cold weather, almost like storing fuel in a fridge. Therefore, in my humble opinion, no point flushing out existing fuel.

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    Eyup Tolly,,, its been in there at least 3 years. And wot with this ethanol crap forced on us.... I've seen it cause all sorts of mither in my bikes which spend most time in storage. Looking for a plan B just in case. Thanx bud.

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