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    Default Brabus door card mounts are different?

    Just been trying to swap my normal Smart 450 door card/pockets over with nicer Brabus ones, and the fittings are slightly different. The outline of the things is the same and all the other fixings fit, except the ones in the photo. Anybody come across this issue before?

    Just wondering the best solution? Try and rig something up to take the different fixings, try and get the whole door card from the matching car? (Unlikely) or even strip the coverings off the new and originals and try and glue the Brabus covering on the original backing? Any other Smart ideas out there?

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    Default Re: Brabus door carded are different?

    I don't think it's a "Brabus" thing, but rather they changed the mounts mid production - possibly when they went from almond to peanut headlamps around 2002.

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