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    Default Swapping the roof?

    I've seen one or two roadsters for sale that apparantly have both the electric soft-top AND the hard top available, so I was wondering if this is something that only works one way, or can a car originally setup as a hard-top have a soft-top retro fitted?

    My assumption is that the hard-top merely uses all the same fitting points as the removable guide rails for the soft-top, and so fitting a soft-top to an original hard-top would 'less than a simple job'?

    Going to see a very nice looking hard-top over the weekend, but would not say no to the ability to fit a soft-top for the summer months.

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    Default Re: Swapping the roof?

    Pretty easy to add the hard top to a soft top model, not straightforward to do the opposite but it has been done.

    The forum you want to head over to is www.theroadster.net which is where all the Roadster owners are - there are very few left on this site (The Smart club) these days.

    Also while over there, make sure you read the buyers guide:

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