Having just tried to buy some Sonax "pfleger" the other day (the links from evilution weren't up to snuff on this occasion) I looked it up on amazon, ordered (the price had rocketed up whilst in my basket recently so I voided the sale) now with it back down to previous levels I purchased.

Ended up with A sonax product, but not matching the one in the listing (which subsequently changes now i've bought it) ...hmm! ((silikon do uszczelec turned up instead)

So, if silicone is a refresher & feeder for car rubber at around a tenner a pop, is the much joked about sex lube version often cheaper just as viable, are we just prone to marketing in this instance?

I do keep a big bottle of the stuff used for hobby-crafts & diy (a f'nar-f'nar is perfectly understandable at this point). but that only came to mind once the not as advertised product was delivered.

So anyone used the other stuff for car rubber or are there intrinsic differences we ought be aware of?

brings a new meaning to "sex drive" where automobiles are concerned.

Sonax product 100 ml (with little sponge dispenser) 8.95 delivered. (perfumed).

German silicone "adult" lube x 500 ml (from a review site) 3.95 delivered (non perfumed), even if i'd paid full price for the large bottle you can see the difference in qty.

NB was fitting a new letterbox recently, the silicone really made the upvc on upvc easier to knock in place after cutting to size with a dremel (for example), on blades I use for several weeks per year then clean & store, on gardening secateurs for the blades, door hinges etc.