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Thread: Crashy smart

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    Default Crashy smart

    Are they just that crashy? Ours seem to just crash I to every speed bump and pot hole!

    Or are the dampers/springs on ours goosed?


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    Default Re: Crashy smart

    Are you comparing it to what you owned & drove before, if so what was it? (context) ..but speaking as a countryside living 450 owner, yes!

    (we tend to drive through the gap when its safe negating the whole heave-ho that speed bumps create, ..& if there is a gap, not a whole road hump).

    Pot-holes, tend to avoid them, we've had numerous springs go on the bigger merc A class, not keen to reproduce work & cost for the 450, ..the pot holes are abysmal our way & the country since around 2009 & the "tightening of belts" by council road teams.

    Also this thread http://www.thesmartclub.com/board/sh...ity-451-vs-450....
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    Default Re: Crashy smart

    2" of suspension travel + Lightweight bodies = crashtastic ride.

    To be fair though, the 450 was envisaged as a city car, and 2 decades ago when the model was launched urban potholes were a rarity. As a rural dweller myself I can confirm they're dreadful jn this regard, but they are what they are. Even when new the dampers didn't do an awful lot to ease things.
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    Default Re: Crashy smart

    They were never a refined car from new, but tired dampers make things much worse.

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    Default Re: Crashy smart

    Also rural ourselves! As long as we aren't driving around putting up with something easily fixed..

    That's fine, everyone behind will just have to put up with doing 10mph over the speed bumps.. Hellene council should never even have used them, but that another rant for another day.

    Cheers all

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