Having come back from Switzerland / France recently I saw more than a few smarts (curiously enough).

My wife & I are when not carrying my snowboards (visit summer & winter) pack light, & soon it will likely be just the two of us in an unnecessarily massive hire car.

Now the problem is whenever we get to Geneva you are "upgraded" (we go for something no larger than a golf) ..& get given a bloody battle wagon MPV or similar.

This happened again the other day, we ended up with a long wheel base passat with 15 kilometres on the clock, diesel ...bleh! & way bigger than wanted & needed for a pootle round the alps.
Parking inplaces like chamonix sud is a veritable bitch, so is there anywhere that I can get a small "micro car" either a hybrid, petrol or full EV? ...yes preferably a smart.

Worth asking here amongst the "devout"