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    Default Re: Excuse my ignorance. Cruise control (450 pulse)

    full throttle will deactivate the speed limiter function - on the 450 & 452 anyway (not sure about 451/454/453)

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    Default Re: Excuse my ignorance. Cruise control (450 pulse)

    If you have a 450 700cc then I guess you have a SAM unit and the Smart Cruise control stalk will work, but it has to be enabled via STAR by Smart or some other dealers.

    Basically any 450 Smart with a SAM unit will allow Cruise to be enabled if you buy the stalk.

    I got it fitted to my 450 Cdi (2007) eons ago and use it alot on the motorway.. alongwith PuddleShift which I hardly ever use.

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    Default Re: Excuse my ignorance. Cruise control (450 pulse)

    If I can convince the Mrs to take the smart instead of the A-class will print out the page I found, if its working (activated) then we'll be setting it up for the trip to silverstone early saturday morning. http://clubsmartcar.com/index.php?/t...-control-help/

    don't know why it wouldn't be but no expectations till it is proven intact & working.
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