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    A decent garage (or a decent INDEPENDENT tyre & exhaust centre) will give your alloy(s) a quick going over the contact edge of the alloy & pop some sealant on it, its a cheap belt & braces option that has lots of potential keeping the alloys going a few more years, & slowing / stopping the deflation.

    We actually had this skimming & sealing done on our old merc alloys x3 just today, at a cost of £46 inc vat (so you have a guide price)'s not a guarantee, but likely will make a difference at low cost, probably take between 10 & 20 mins to do on a nice day, as long as you aren't overly critical of the imperfections left behind its an option, afterwards you "could" do some rubbing down & re-lacquering if the fancy took you.
    (went in yesterday to have a flint pulled from the B class's tyre, took the A class in today, even though they were chock-a-block for work it was done within the hour, they banged out the crud on the brakes whilst at it & re-inflated properly, suffice to say the ride home was good, (previously the tyres needed air every 3 days! we'll see if it holds them to a reasonable PSI

    My wifes car is a much loved A class with over 100k on the clock (had it since 4k) & its the worst thing about it, so hopefully solved / allayed without having to buy new, v. expensive alloys.

    Find a good independent & they'll give your wheel the best chance at a second life.
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