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    Is the car facing up or downhill? If the box was left in gear and the car crept foward or back, it can put enough stress on the transmission that the shift motor is unable to move the selectors. In this case you need to physically move the car in the other direction to release the pressure on the transmission.

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    Car is in the garage on the flat. I don't think it has a gear engaged. Will try rocking back and forth once I have got it back together. Thanks.

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    Tried everything I can think of and gear display still showing zero.
    • Brake switch tested electrically - all OK
    • All gearbox sensors unplugged, cleaned and put back in
    • Gear motor and position sensor removed and refitted
    • Tried putting into gear and pushing back / forward (no gear engaged so just rolls nicely)
    • Checked wires for chaffing - all good
    • Checked gear box connectors - all good
    • Tried leaving ignition on for 30 seconds before re-starting
    • Tried disconnecting the battery overnight
    • Lubed the gear actuator
    • Checked all fuses
    All other ideas welcome!
    Anyone know of a mobile mechanic with a Smart car fault reader near Bedford that could run a diagnostics?
    (Fudgesmart is the nearest I can find and he is 50 miles away)
    Thanks for all the advice so far.

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    Default Re: Gear Indicator showing 0

    For the sake of 7 I'd just change the brake switch - to rule it out...
    The number of times I have read that people have "tested the switch - it's fine" only to find out it was the culprit all along....

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    Having tested the switch and taken apart to see what joins to what I wired direct between the 2 terminals on the plug to make sure, and still no go.
    You are right, for 7 will give it a go but 99% sure its not that.

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    Default Re: Gear Indicator showing 0

    Switch costs nearly 30 with cover. At least 20 without.

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