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    Thumbs up Thanks to Fudgesmart

    After some 13 years and over 162,000 miles (261,000km) the engine in my 2005 fortwo decided it had enough of running on 3 cylinders. It was not the usual burnt out valve scenario that can happen, but mainly due to a failed timing chain tensioner, causing the chain to go slack, chewing a hole in the case and due to the lack of oil pressure, damaging the followers, hitting the camshaft and causing a bent a valve or two. Whilst having work done that was necessary, I opted for a rebuild at the same time, providing me with peace of mind and ensuring reliability in the long term.

    Whilst I thank the AA for attending the breakdown quickly and transporting my car home, their diagnosis of a faulty ignition coil causing the misfire was somewhat incorrect!

    My thanks go out to Mark and Shawn at Fudgesmart for collecting my car and taking on the job and completing it to an exceptional standard. My fortwo now runs like new, idles smoothly and is much quieter.
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    Default Re: Thanks to Fudgesmart

    That's a good bit of work there, it's very done well to get to such a mileage without previous intervention!

    Glad you've had the necessary work (and more) done and the car lives to fight another day.
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    Default Re: Thanks to Fudgesmart

    Is Shawn back working there again now then?

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