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    Default Roadster exhaust options

    I am having trouble sourcing a new exhaust for my Roadster. It is a standard non-Brabus model so options such as Janspeed etc with central tailpipes are out. I would ideally like a stainless steel exhaust providing it fits with the standard rear valance but failing that a standard OE quality one would be fine. Nothing on eBay and Smart Parts Direct do not list one. I do not want a cheap 'pattern' exhaust that will only last a couple of years.


    PS Is it just me or is this website really slow these days?
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    Default Re: Roadster exhaust options

    Have a look at S-Mann quality products but not cheap.

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    Default Re: Roadster exhaust options

    Firstly I recommend you asking this question on www.theroadster.net

    There are specialist Roadster breakers on that forum and one of them will likely see this post and be able to supply you a very good used original exhaust or possibly an aftermarket stainless one that they've removed from another car.

    If you want brand new, then S-Mann is the way to go. Pricey though.

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    Default Re: Roadster exhaust options

    I have a GOOD used one
    60,000 mile standard exhaust

    Where are you in the world as unless you are in Surrey it would have to be posted at cost

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