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    Default Cross connect no longer available !??!


    So I’ve got the standard head unit (non-touch) and JBL system.

    I was having DAB problems dropping out (sometimes for 10 or 15 minutes), they updated the head unit firmware.
    The problem appeared to be fixed, but the app was now having trouble connecting with the DAB tuner (DAB was now greyed out)

    So I thought I’ll delete the app and re-load .... usually a good fix for similar problems....

    App Store replied ‘Cross connect app not available any more’ !?!?

    Merc have decided to stop supporting it so they’ve took it off the App Store (just confirmed it with them on the phone, it was removed last June) ..... on a car that’s still in production !!!

    What the actual ****

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    Default Re: Cross connect no longer available !??!

    It is obviously end of times for Smart.

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    Default Re: Cross connect no longer available !??!

    An only partially useable head unit / in car entertainment system?

    ..clever smart, really clever (& far from smart).
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    Default Re: Cross connect no longer available !??!

    Those on Android could still get this, someone who already has this installed can use a third party app to export it to an APX file, this can then be shared to others who need it. I did something similar for a CCTV app which got discontinued.

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