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    Default Brabus Engine Quiz

    Really helpful and informative, thanks. So the latest list is

    Turbo – Different
    TIK pipe - Different
    Injectors – Different
    ECU Map – Different
    Exhaust – Different
    Gear ratios – Different
    Cam – Different
    Pistons & Conrods different
    Oil cooler - Brabus only

    Air filter – Same
    Head/valves – Same
    Clutch – Same/was originally different
    Throttle body – Same
    Block - same
    Flywheel - Same

    That’s quite a few differences. Is the jump from 82 to 101 bhp down to the injectors or is there a remap as well?

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    Default Re: Brabus Engine Quiz

    The 101bhp engine has a different specification turbo, different turbo air inlet (TIK) pipe and IIRC the valves are different. It uses an air-water chargecooler rather than air-air intercooler as well.

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