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    Default Weird noise on start up

    Our Smart MHD has recently started to make a metallic clang noise on starting up from cold. It's literally just one clang and nothing, it runs and drives fine.

    I'm going to service it tomorrow and have a little look over it but I would be grateful for any input.

    its just ticked over 60K and its a 2010 model with the recall done on the belt which looks to be ok.


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    Default Re: Weird noise on start up

    there are a few variations of the modification .....


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    Default Re: Weird noise on start up

    thanks, ill inspect the connections tomorrow. Hopefully its a simple fix

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    Default Re: Weird noise on start up

    my connections seems to look ok, my wires not under so much tension. Noise is coming from what sounds like underneath.

    Think its related to the exhaust somewhere. The back box was replaced last year due to the Flexi joint snapping.

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    Default Re: Weird noise on start up

    Heat shield

    Or perhaps the centre engine mount bust

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    Default Re: Weird noise on start up

    Thanks, I'll check the centre engine mount tomorrow, does sound like it could be it.

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