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    Default Chassis end caps good/ bad?

    I've seen (ali express) plastic "bung hole" cap ends which made me wonder, useful / aesthetic ..or not?

    I'm quite keen to limit water ingress, but a steel tube with a bung in of that diameter can in theory get "wet" inside based on general seasonal conditions & environment, so a bottom seepage hole seems sensible compared to a total stopper solution (imho).

    What opinion has been formed over time on this, frippery or useful?

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    Default Re: Chassis end caps good/ bad?

    Frippery, but unlikely to cause issues provided there is sufficient drainage. The tubes these caps fit into are the axle, not the chassis, and have very thick walls.

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    Default Re: Chassis end caps good/ bad?

    Thanks, a quick poke with a dremel it will be then if I get some.

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    Default Re: Chassis end caps good/ bad?

    I prefer open ends to the de-Dion tube , to allow free airflow

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