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    Dec 2016

    Default Re: Hello, new (old) 450 model owner

    2016, ForTwo cabriolet, 900 turbo, DCT, Prime Premium, unmodified.

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    Default Re: Hello, new (old) 450 model owner

    Ha-ha, my kindle was confused, between Empirical (reality) Vampire, & parasitic ..clearly wasn't awake (well, was squinting through one open eye) whilst suffering reverse altitude sickness, ..too long at altitude dropping down to flat lands.
    New to Smart (450 city coupe 0.7 pulse)
    E.V. Owner (Nissan leaf)
    17 snowboards (ish)
    Bitter drinker (not bitter)
    Cheapskate, Skateboarder,
    Old enough to know better.

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