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    Default Re: Tools required for engine rebuild?

    Neither of mine had aircon, but provided you can access the compressor mounting bolts it should be possible to leave it connected and suspended from a suitable location.

    Definitely leave the engine loom in place on the engine. There are only a few connectors to undo (two on ECU, one near front of subframe on ECU side) and the starter and alternator wires. The engine loom is pretty much woven around the external engine components and would be a nightmare to remove with the engine in place.

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    Default Re: Tools required for engine rebuild?

    Was that a 600cc engine? You can't access the big ends on the 700cc engine without splitting the crankcase.
    It was a 600cc engine.
    Either way I wouldn't leave the engine in the car, it wouldn't save much time considering the space limitations and would be a back-killer.
    We had the car on a lift, and a pit under it, so it was OK back-wise. Avoiding air-con complications was one reason but it also avoided removing wiring and disconnecting driveshafts. I don't recall space being that much of problem once the inlet manifold was off, but it was few years ago so memory has faded a bit.

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