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    Default Re: Tightening front suspension strut have I, tightened it to much?

    Quote Originally Posted by Pocetsize View Post
    In your first image there is a white rubber bearing to the left of the image I don't recongise this part. Since my last message I have purchased and fit a new shocker however its still rattling. I'm thinking the coil spring is too weak for my weight. The previous owner was female where I weigh some, 200lbs outweighing most women. Should I install a heavier coil spring?

    Assuming the springs are the correct ones for the car then you should not change them. The car is designed to carry two adults plus luggage which could be well above 200lbs, so springs are most unlikely to be the problem. Even if the car was sitting on it's bump stops it shouldn't be rattling.

    What makes you think the rattle is actually coming from the strut? Have you actually ruled out the usual causes of rattling such as drop links or worn track rod balljoints on the steering rack?
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