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    Default Re: New forfour electric

    Depends which system is used.
    For indirect there is nothing in the wheel, so nothing needs doing there. The system may need a reset to recalibrate.
    For direct you can move the sensors or buy a new set. Prices are usually in the 30-50 each area, but could be double that, so moving the originals is usual. The exception might be where you keep two sets of wheels going, e.g. with summer and winter tyres.
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    Default Re: New forfour electric

    The sensors are in each wheel as part of the valve assembly..

    They each have a coin battery (2032 iirc)

    Probably easier to get four new sensors as they're relatively easy to pull in the hole, not as easy to pull out backwards.
    About 15-20 each wheel.
    It's also an MOT fail if any of them aren't working (when your car is mot age)

    You can buy them elsewhere too, it's not smart that make them obviously,

    You could get the sensor valves on their own and transfer the sensor to the new valve though

    Last point the car will need programming time, so you need to factor that into your costs

    (I'd hope the dealer might do that for you as a favour on a brand new car depending who's suppying and fitting the wheels )

    I fit my non-sensored winter wheels and the system flashes a warning obviously all the time the winters are on , but in spring you just swap the normal wheels back on the sensors are re-recognised (after a dash reset)
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