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    Default Re: Re smart brabus no more and rubbish electric cars

    Hi you can still get the petrol turbo and i think there are still some brabus available plus the four four, i know what your saying about the electric i am thinking the same and when you think that the eu put us now onto euro 6+ emmissions and the lie about how cats will reduce or eliminate emmission we were sold a lie.
    I really think that electric is not the way forward and must find a better non battery polution which lithium as the rate of discarded batteries mount up the would would be in a worse place than with petrol cars we really need a new type of hybrid fuel to power a combustion engine honda and others are even working on a low or zero emmission two stroke as there are very few parts involved and it is very light weight they could be onto something.
    Ktm the dirt bike are still producing fuel injected two strokes so lets see some money go into a low or zero emmission engine and not rely on electric as power stations polute even nuclear producies waste which is being buried all over the place.

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    Default Re: Re smart brabus no more and rubbish electric cars

    I see what car are saying smart are gearing up to stop the combustion engine smarts in as little as 2019 which what car says is a big gamble and far too soon when in real world it may only go 70 miles and remember the brabus 453 was only launched in 2016 i myself am very happy with my petrol turbo and at this time would not contemplate an electric smart as being disabled already have a large mobility scooter and know the limitations of that i am not against electric cars only the distance and charging points are not up and working at this time.Also i think there maybe better ideas for future fuels that maybe better if financed better.
    I know that there maybe future cars that may drive themselves which would be good but it will like electric cars be not very exciting to drive many still like to either change gears as in manual or semi automatics as driving will be boring.
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