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    Default Re: Re smart brabus no more and rubbish electric cars

    Hi you can still get the petrol turbo and i think there are still some brabus available plus the four four, i know what your saying about the electric i am thinking the same and when you think that the eu put us now onto euro 6+ emmissions and the lie about how cats will reduce or eliminate emmission we were sold a lie.
    I really think that electric is not the way forward and must find a better non battery polution which lithium as the rate of discarded batteries mount up the would would be in a worse place than with petrol cars we really need a new type of hybrid fuel to power a combustion engine honda and others are even working on a low or zero emmission two stroke as there are very few parts involved and it is very light weight they could be onto something.
    Ktm the dirt bike are still producing fuel injected two strokes so lets see some money go into a low or zero emmission engine and not rely on electric as power stations polute even nuclear producies waste which is being buried all over the place.

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    Default Re: Re smart brabus no more and rubbish electric cars

    I see what car are saying smart are gearing up to stop the combustion engine smarts in as little as 2019 which what car says is a big gamble and far too soon when in real world it may only go 70 miles and remember the brabus 453 was only launched in 2016 i myself am very happy with my petrol turbo and at this time would not contemplate an electric smart as being disabled already have a large mobility scooter and know the limitations of that i am not against electric cars only the distance and charging points are not up and working at this time.Also i think there maybe better ideas for future fuels that maybe better if financed better.
    I know that there maybe future cars that may drive themselves which would be good but it will like electric cars be not very exciting to drive many still like to either change gears as in manual or semi automatics as driving will be boring.
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    Default Re: Re smart brabus no more and rubbish electric cars

    As an electric car owner, dave blue, that is such a big crock of misinformed Bobbins i've not heard the likes of since the Brexit debacle came to pass.

    Was it pretty much based on early portrayal of e.v. by Top Gear? or do you not realise that petrol used to be mixed at chemists, ran badly & broke down lots, petrol pumps may well have been closed on a sunday / early evening etc. ..in the early days, before *infrastructure*.

    There were also shrieking harpies who said the human body couldn't take the "tremendous speeds" of early steam powered trains in excess of 25 mph (presumably they had their own agenda, ...maybe in horse hire & stabling).

    Infra-structure of any kind takes time to put into place, if anything blame government for not helping get it in in numbers, however, we are yet to run out of juice having travelled distance, & B. yet to fit a charger at home, overnight with a 13 amp plug has sufficed to date, fast chargers & chademo elsewhere (via the dash based sat nav & various apps).

    We use the EV in preference to anything else, smoother, quieter, calmer less fraught driving & far less worry about pollution or sitting in a jam not using any juice, not churning out particulate via the exhaust just in case we move 10 foot.

    98 miles driving costing us around 1.90, charging when parked up.

    The driving to scotland "thing" has been done to death in a variety of EV & batteries are in perfect nick with no sgnificant loss over 3 years so far, even partially depleted they can be recycled, or utilised for essential home storage in a second life.

    Just because it doesn't fit you, right here, right now, doesn't mean its not fit for purpose, or improving, as per battery chemistry demonstrated in the same compartment over the generations of nissan leaf's for instance.

    & frankly by the state of glacial melt /erosion & ice flow loss (for instance) that I regularly witness, people ought to be taking climate patterns a tad more seriously than your "convenience" & be one of the vanguard moving towards renewables & e.v.

    Climate patterns & the problems they bring are a big reason we stopped at one kid, & drive sparingly, & bought an E.V, insulated our house to the max, buying a 4/1 ratio ASHP, solar carport, looking to purchase crash damaged EV's to use for home power generation & storage combo & generally reconfiguring our lives so that it can make a difference to the current precarious balance & what we leave behind.

    In terms of the smart 450 it was founded on short run city car principles, the fact that others use it successfully for more than that is an added bonus, but it go's beyond INTENDED DESIGN ..mileage in *Current* ev is limited, but always jumping forward, just like LED output a mere decade ago, before investment & consumer uptake.

    the 24 Kwh nissan leaf has jumped 24, 30, 40, to 60Kwh in around decade of production, smart are actually running on older battery pack density than others likely due to cost & "niche" pertaining to Smart for two concept.

    Then there will simply be those who don't understand how you re-wire your driving to EV throttle pick up & regenerative braking & drive like twats, ..its those who we are seeing in zoe's with battery lease (ha-ha) especially tear into ev cost per mile & their driving style which apparantly trumps all because they are definitive "king of the road" driving as if they are the sole user.

    To test drive an e.v. is one thing, to have one for an extended period of time is quite another, by dint of accumulated knowledge.

    NB it is also viable to retrofit a car, classic or otherwise with electric drive motor(s) & battery, so in theory there is nothing stopping you from commissioning something better that would return more mileage potential in the meantime, including a smart for two with more modern energy efficient packs, can come down to how much you can be arsed to do more & get more out.

    Embedded energy in EV production (lower power) can be counterbalanced in such a short time (*some* say 6 months driving) bigger cars around the 18 month mark, compared to the ongoing energy costs of filling up a petrol / diesel vehicle with fuel, & how much energy it took getting it out of the ground into a useable localised liquid state, ...pollution ongoing

    You can use pre-existng software of the nissan leaf to utilise old but viable battery packs in server racks to help power a building / remote location, or add it in sea craft as a supplemental energy feed demanding less of the proprietary system..

    I hope you learn more in the coming years of Battery power (Hydrogen is at its classic repeat of "only 15 years till it is in place) ..big inroads are being made by river simple, but that also relies on the lease system as they wish t make vehicle a "full circle" creation, use, spares & disposal fleet concern, ...possibly it is because of them that Wales has hydrogen fill points.

    Electric buses / coaches cost between 220,000 - 240,000 widely adopted in china & even india, soon to be deployed in chamonix valley, an area serviced succesfully by the electric "mulet" (mule) for short runs all day around town, very succesfully all seasons, all weathers.

    Take your Ire out on the already much berated Mercedes benz / smart collab engineers, or accept that they will change the design to achieve more miles, ..which may also not suit you & have you threatening to end your association with them again because it isn't recognisable to the original design... dinosaurs die.

    Or wait & see, some bright spark might actually shift the cost of denser energy packs downward in the hope of attracting more urban users in densely populated areas, regardless of how little driving range they actually need, just think they need. (it may make more fiscal sense to their accountants bottom line).

    The fortwo is a city cycle vehicle, accept that you are one of those exceptions to the design rule & likely adapt your reasoning accordingly.

    PS the Andy Burnham? approach is flawed as hell, likely he doesn't drive electric either & is simply forcing his hand where ICE vehicles are charged () access to the city, sadly also many charge points are put in stupid locations with little understanding of chademo / ultra charging, ....our local ones were, & then not maintained just turned off, what a waste of public money they had to apply for in the first place.

    Our local morrisons is "thinking" of putting a chademo or faster than light "ultra charger" in its petrol station, based on the mindset of that's how folk have always fuelled cars, a hundred metres away their store, with cafe, pizza oven, bench seating picnic tables & big patio doors opening to the cafe is going begging, ..neglected by current perception.

    Chademo by translation means "have a cup of tea" or incorporate it into the rest of your routine, a shop visit (up-selling potential) whereby in 15 - 30 minutes you'd have 80% battery charge (depending on your vehicles capabilities) instead spending that time getting more fumes on a petrol forecourt & bored out of your mind, unless you need a brief nap, that's what planning by non e.v. users does.

    My local park & ride has the only working ev points from that east anglian development debacle, & means that an ev is left charging all day because its mainly used by commuters ...screwed thinking, especially when it is cheaper to drive to cambridge in the average vehicle & park in the city than to take the park & ride bus from its furthest point... dumb & very limiting.

    I'd love to see our "smart by association from a different era" 2003 a-class merc as an e.v. its removable seats make it a real load lugger compared to our old toyota previa in a smaller package, 5 seats, but merc have just mad bigger & bigger cars, with the smart for two getting further distance from the term "micro" to small, average, large vehicle choice.

    London electric taxis are very popular if you can find & recognise them, amongst the drivers who appreciate the simplicity of modern tech on a recogniseable classic black cab type design.

    There is an early tesla "S" chauffer taxi in Las Vegas that has done around 250,000 miles? in a 3 year period (& rising) with a battery change (look up for proper details) ...that local desert & data checking interest from tesla, but as I recall more of the servicing was interior seating leather style upgrades than anything, considering it is running 7 days a week on airport runs et al it clocked up a lot of miles in a potential b1tch of a climate & is doing well in excess of what others would consider retirement mileage for a regular vehicle.
    Yes it has a large battery pack (of 18650 batteries) but it is top of the range, & has been incentive for others to set goals by to remain competetive, or like the dinosaurs (again) die.

    Today's gripes will not be tomorrows gripes, we see a lot of chargers coming on line as our car updates its maps making having an older gen e.v. easier to live with.
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    New to Smart (450 city coupe 0.7 pulse)
    E.V. Owner (Nissan leaf)
    17 snowboards (ish)
    Bitter drinker (not bitter)
    Cheapskate, Skateboarder,
    Old enough to know better.

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    Default Re: Re smart brabus no more and rubbish electric cars

    Holy moly whats that last rant all about hahaha

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    Default Re: Re smart brabus no more and rubbish electric cars

    It was a basic polite reply in response to your myopia wit regards to electric vehicles, ..but if you cannot see that, ..well, "oh deary me"
    New to Smart (450 city coupe 0.7 pulse)
    E.V. Owner (Nissan leaf)
    17 snowboards (ish)
    Bitter drinker (not bitter)
    Cheapskate, Skateboarder,
    Old enough to know better.

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    Default Re: Re smart brabus no more and rubbish electric cars

    ok no worries many thanks for info.

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