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    Question The dreaded 3 bars!!!

    Hello. Iím sorry for yet another post.
    I know everyoneís first reaction to this will be to go on FQ101 or evolution and yes I have.
    But I just wanted peoples opinions please.
    Just got back from a trip to France in it and no problems.
    Wife went to work and on way back after coming off motorway and coming to a stop it cut out and then when turning back on it had the 3 bars.
    Was able to start it up again and drive home. It goes in all gear and reverse.
    When you get in the car and turn the key to position 1 (donít start it) it makes a lot on noise from the gear box / clutch almost as if itís searching for a gear but then start it and itís fine and drives all be it with the 3 bars on the dash.
    I am going to try disconnecting the battery tomorrow and resetting it but any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks.


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    You should get the error codes read using a suitable diagnostic kit. Then clear the codes and see if they come back as permerant codes or if they were just transient ones.


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    Most likely chaffed wiring by the intercooler scoop. Particularly likely if the roads were wet at the time it happened.

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