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    Lightbulb Help please!!! Head light beam deflectors.

    Hello everyone. Myself and my wife are heading off to Paris later in Rupert our smart 450.
    Itís a 2006 model with peanut headlights.
    Iíve brought a set of EUROLITES beam deflectors and it has every car knows to man apart from our age of Smart Fortwo. Please can anybody help tell me where these bloody things go!!!
    Thanks in advance.


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    Default Re: Help please!!! Head light beam deflectors.

    As the aim (no pun intended ) is to mask the kick up to the left of the dipped beam all I can suggest is have a play using similar sized pieces of card selotaped to the headlight while your car is pointing to a wall/garage door.

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    Default Re: Help please!!! Head light beam deflectors.

    With the car pointing at suitable surface, you can put a piece of cardboard on the headlight to remove the Kickup to the left as per the post above.
    Basically, when looking from the drivers seat, the light that comes from your dipped beam bulb that produces the kickup to the left is light which has "bounced" off the right hand side of the reflector and is going out through the left hand side of the glass lens of the front light.
    So stick you piece of card on the right hand side of the front lights as you stand in front of them, facing them.

    When you look at the front of the car, the beam deflectors will be on the right hand side of the dipped beam glass - just remember that they make a mess of the plastic lenses if left on there too long with the lights on! The heat bakes the glue on they become difficult to remove and leave a distinct outline of where they were put!


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