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Thread: 160kph limiter

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    Default 160kph limiter

    My 453 prime 90 used to be 155kph (~96mph) max , after the cars last service itís gone up to 160kph (~100mph) ? ...........

    Has there been an ECU/software update ?

    I also notice when first started (engine cold) it will pulse the throttle at idle .... some engine management emissions change perhaps ?

    Either way, it never did either until this last service

    Anyone else who has merc servicing notice ?

    Lastly Iíve lost my 1st year paperwork , but I was under the impression the engine air filter on the turbo was changed on each service .... Iím sure it was the 1st year, they did the 2nd too, but this 3rd one it appears to have not been done ?
    (The aircon chain filter is also replaced, but Iím talking engine air)

    Anyone else got the 90 engine and merc paperwork confirm ?

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    Default Re: 160kph limiter

    No idea about the speed limiter.
    The air and dust filters on ours were changed (so the Mercedes Winchester paperwork says) at both the annual services it's had. (As it only does a few thousand miles a year they probably don't need doing, but ... ). £11 for the air filter, about £20 for the dust filler, +vat.
    2016, ForTwo cabriolet, 900 turbo, DCT, Prime Premium, unmodified.

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