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    Default Need help to remove a bit of trim

    Hello everybody,
    I have bought 'Urban Arches' for my 453, but I can't fit them due to needing a small piece of trim removed on the rear wheel arches on both sides of the car.
    If you have a look at the photos below, they show the trim quite clearly from a few angles.
    There are 3 wee clips on them, but I don't see if they are what's holding the trim on, or if they're for something else.
    There's also a screw off towards the middle of the car, but these look to be for something else, maybe arch liners.
    I'd rather ask first than try to force something I don't understand, or wrongly remove a screw and cause a separate problem.
    Any help would be very much appreciated.
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    Default Re: Need help to remove a bit of trim

    You are not supposed to remove the "trim".
    If you look closely at the part of the urban arches that is supposed to go on
    at this position, you will see that there is a molded in depression to make
    it fit over the "trim". The depression is a bit narrow so it does not fit as a glove,
    but it will work. I installed this option on my 453 a year ago, and it has been fine
    all the time since.

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    Default Re: Need help to remove a bit of trim

    There are eight distinctly different pieces of Fortwo urban arch (and there are eight more for the Forfour)
    You need to know you’ve got the exact part for that corner

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