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    Default Throttle body wiring

    This morning the 450 decided to pop up with an engine warning light, still drove ok. Had a good look around the engine, I can see a damaged wire coming from the throttle body connector. If i touch the wires or move them the car goes into limp mode. It looks like a Bosch connector? Ive found one online:


    And the wire/cable


    Do these look right if I was to replace the connector and wiring?

    Its running fine now, just dont want it to cut out on my wife (shes already talking about trading it in, nooooo).

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    Default Re: Throttle body wiring

    If you have a damaged wire , why don't you just repair the wire ?

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    Default Re: Throttle body wiring

    The wire looks like its been nibbled, looks like another one has been repaired at some point. I cant see a break in the wire itself just part of the insulation is missing. Lift the wiring loom and it goes into limp mode. Rather just replace the lot

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    Default Re: Throttle body wiring

    Looks like its getting traded in, boooooo. Will put a few bits on ebay.
    Parcel shelf
    Blue instrument covers

    Whatever else i can get away with removing.

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    Default Re: Throttle body wiring

    Seriously - you're going to sell the car simply because of a single bit of damaged wiring?

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    Default Re: Throttle body wiring

    Faten has spoken, no choice.

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    Default Re: Throttle body wiring

    Its not my car its my wifes, its been in and out the garage shes fed up with it. I can fix the wiring no problem but she doesnt trust it anymore 😥. Rather she kept it but hey ho. Getting 700 trade in.

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