i been dubble checking my work to day. so i tested the wirering again with a 5watts lamp. all checks out fine.
i did get my new brake switch. and i installed it so now the brakelights work and the data pid:s in the delphi are correct. but that wasen´t the problem still got the 3 lines.

So propobly needs a reteach so i spoke to my dealar and thay whant 170£ to du this! i only paid 80£ for the car.
So i have to see if i can get someone with the mb star to help me. or this might be a parts car for someone.

The Delphi don´t have the options to do anything other than reed codes and se data pid to this car. if i had a 2002 model whit the SAM unit. then i have as you sa Smarty clutch seting and adaptation to play with. and yes i tried to log on as a 2002 car but it won´t read fault codes (communication error) and i tried the "cycle clutch test" and the computer says that it works but it does noting in the car.