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    Default Hissing sound after driving

    Hi all, I went to test drive a smart for two 451 MHD 2010. After test driving, I noticed a hissing sound and water dripping from the bottom of the car. The hissing sounded like air being released from a tyre. My suspicion is that it is related to the air conditioning and is completely normal. But, I have never come across this in any other car before.

    Could someone please advise?
    Many thanks.

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    Default Re: Hissing sound after driving

    It’s related to the air on and is completely normal

    The hissing is residual pressure at the expansion valve/pinch point.

    The water is condensate (ambient water vapour) off the cooling coils/evaporator.

    Every working aircon equipped car does it.

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    Default Re: Hissing sound after driving

    That makes sense. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Hissing sound after driving

    Could also be Hissing Sid.

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