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    Default Touchscreen issues

    Hi all,

    Have upgraded my Forfour Prime Sport to a Brabus Xclusive. Loving it so far but a couple of problems have raised their heads.

    The passenger heated seat doesn't work, not an issue at this time of year and was planning to get it sorted in a few months.

    Unfortunately, it'll have to go in sooner if the second problem doesn't have an easy fix. The touchscreen on the media system has become totally unresponsive. I thought it would be ok stopping and restarting but, after leaving the car for a few hours, I've got in and the problem persists. This is a major pain!

    Sound familiar to anyone? Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Touchscreen issues

    Dealer bought ? , not private sale ?

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    Default Touchscreen issues

    Yes, bought a couple of weeks back from Merc Manchester.

    Have tried updating the software except when I came to update it, it gave me a yes/no option...

    ...which of course I can't do because the screen doesn't work. D'oh!

    Also tried pulling the fuse but that was so fiddly I'm amazed it don't drop it so have called it a day and will call them tomorrow to book it in. Pain in the neck but hey ho.

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    Default Touchscreen issues

    1) All sorted! Had to go to the dealership for them to do something with the USB, probable restore or update of firmware.

    2) Bluetooth stopped working today.

    Give me strength

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    Default Re: Touchscreen issues

    sorry to hear you are having some infotainment related issues. And now bluetooth issues.

    My wife's car's infotainment screen recently froze and reversing camera refused to work. She called me today to say the same thing happened again. Only this time, the car is doing its best to audition for a starring role in the Stephen King - Christine remake , the infotainment was stuck and the radio kept playing after she switched off the car.

    Before i go to the dealer and complain that the vehicle has aspirations for a starting role in a horror film, does anyone know if there is a specific underlying issue (other than being possessed by demons ofcourse)

    Oh, the car is registered feb 2017 and i had it since brand new...
    many thanks

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