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    Default Stutter (misfire) on a cdi

    Hi, have an annoying fault that has just started on our 2009 451 Passion CDI. Under quick acceleration the engine seems to stutter (I can only describe it as very similar to a “misfire” on a petrol car). It will run fine around the town fine but get it up to 60mph and it does the stutter (misfire) thing but only at certain speeds. Last year I changed out the dreaded EGR valve and cleared out the gunk from the associated pipework and I have just changed out the fuel filter just in case it was starting to get a bit blocked. Gonna check the EGR valve again and change the crankshaft sensor (been told can cause similar problems) but just wondering if it could be anythingto do with the throttle pedal switch as due to it being held at the same position for long periods of time and having dirty/burnt connections. Sorry forgot to mention that there are no fault codes or warning lights when it does this. If anyone has any ideas or has suffered with this “misfire” like fault on a CDI and has a solution or can offer any help it would be great to hear from you. Many thanks!!

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    Default Re: Stutter (misfire) on a cdi

    Euro 4 (no DPF) or Euro 5 (with DPF)?

    What have you read the fault codes with?

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    Default Re: Stutter (misfire) on a cdi

    Hi, Mercedes checked it out for use but found no codes. I’ve just looked myself to double check the EGR valve and the crankshaft sensor and the first thing I saw was that one of the hose jubilee clips on the inter cooler pipes was halfway down the pipe. Just took it off and replaced the clip as the old one would not tighten up. A small amount of EGR goo residue had come out where the pipe was loose, causing an air leak. New clip fitted and now runs like a dream again. Glad Mercedes checked it out first, just goes to prove main dealers are sometimes not as good as they think they are. I have no idea how they missed it it was the first thing I saw when I s open the engine cover. Nice easy fix.

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    Default Re: Stutter (misfire) on a cdi

    I'll bet your dealership never opened the engine cover ... seems like mechanics can only find the OBD port these days
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