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    Hi smart fans, thinking of buying a used 15 plate edition 1 forfour and was wondering if there is much difference in headroom because of the panoramic sun roofs? .
    I've owned a forfour passion with no sun roof and head room was great in the front (I'm 6'4" by the way).
    Also what is included in the ambient lighting package??
    Best regards Barry

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    I'm 6' 2" and have no issues re headroom. I've not really taken much notice of the ambient lighting but I have noticed the door bins and the drawer in front of the gearshift are illuminated. Enjoy!

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    The ambient lighting comes with plus package. Look that up will tell you what else is included. Obviously as and above the premium spec.

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    I'm 6'4" and headroom has never been an issue. I don't think the sunroof reduces headroom anyway. It's fixed so there's just glass in place of steel and a shade in place of the headliner.

    The ambient lighting is an orange glow around the footwells but since so much of the interior is orange anyway it's very subtle.

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