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    Default New Smartie is trying to kill me......

    Hello everyone,

    Sorry to post immediately asking for help but I am really not sure where to go with this now.

    Driven smarties ever since I learned to drive – owned, second hand, each of the shapes J

    I bought a brand new Prem Plus Sport on an 67 plate in November last year – on finance. I adore this car…….. But she’s been nothing but bother since the day she arrived.

    With two weeks it was hunting for Revs so bad it would stall - she went in and they replaced an O2 sensor. (I have video of her doing this – she sounds like someone is rhythmically pumping the accelerator pedal)

    Two weeks – was back in as nothing resolved – they replaced spark plugs

    Two weeks back in - as she staggered for revs and stalled while moving off on a fast motorway roundabout and gave an articulated lorry driver and me a really bad case of brown trousers……. as I drifted out into the lane and then just sputtered to a stop in front of him. Released back to me as there was ‘no engine codes’ no repair done.

    Two weeks - in as she was randomly stalling or hunting for revs all over the place - they did something, Remapped the engine I think, I can’t remember as she was in so often, but it didn’t work

    Two weeks later – she was back in with the same issue - Ordered a throttle valve accentuator – waited 2 and a half months for it to arrive and the head of their UK parts division was involved.


    So, she has kind of been repaired as far as Smart is concerned ……… but

    1. She still hunts for revs – but it’s just in smaller increments – she still stalls - just less often
    2. She seems to take forever to get out of a stop/start and going again – far longer than she feels she should and my previous smarties did. Dangerously so. (in combination with the below she makes me really nervous as she’s not smooth or consistent in her performance)
    3. The throttle seems to randomly stick so she is really jerky decelerating or accelerating even when the use of the pedals is smooth. It’s very exciting on roundabouts or entering traffic you are never sure what’s going to happen
    4. She rattles with a very unusual metallic knocking when you turn the engine on or off and she seems to take a while to a stop knocking (like very old taxis or delivery cars do)
    She has been in for the above issues and I was advised that none of these were observed, no fault codes - They basically shrugged their shoulders and that was the end of it as far as their concerned.

    I am rather upset as she just is not right – I REALLY want to drive her on to the forecourt and just hand the keys back and have them take her back – call it quits.

    But I have finance, how would that work? How can I prove that this car has something really wrong with her that is, sooner or later, going to kill me? Will they accept an independent report? Who or how would I get one?

    Any thoughts on this would be gratefully received!

    NB – some other really small issues -– she was delivered brand new to the dealership with every single one of her panels damaged unnoticed by the sales team who tried to hand her over in that shape –it took 2 months to resolve due to poor service of the sales team (she has matt panels and it caused a drama). To be fair - they did send a bunch of flowers and compensated me the cost of the replacement panels as they couldn’t replace them - Her hands free just won’t work they have replaced the mic twice. The media system keeps freezing up and I have to go in for them to unlock it
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    Default Re: New Smartie is trying to kill me......

    They do not make them the way they used to. Enough said.

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    Default Re: New Smartie is trying to kill me......

    Thank you for your reply tolsen123 - though it may be the case that 'they don't make them like they used to' - any thoughts on the issue as presented?

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    Default Re: New Smartie is trying to kill me......

    The car’s not fit for purpose ... and the dealer is obviously not capable of repairing the fault in hand.

    For some advice read (in full): PM)rprosper ghts/
    Notably the ‘Clegg v Olle Andersson’ references

    If it’s on finance, speak to your finance company too !

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    Default Re: New Smartie is trying to kill me......

    Yes, I believe that as the finance company is the owner, in a sense, they can apply extra clout.

    (BTW, shouldn't this be in the 453 section?)
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    Default Re: New Smartie is trying to kill me......

    Oh, Sorry - could a mod move the post?

    Or do i need to repost in the correct area? if you could let me know that would be great.

    So how does this play out - i call up my finance company say i'm not happy and want to hand the car back in? i would be happy to exchange her as i love the car, just not this particular cars issues?

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    Default Re: New Smartie is trying to kill me......

    thread will be moved eventually, it's been reported as being in the wrong place.

    As for the car , I'd concentrate on the safety part of the problem to them, and only touch on the other minor faults. Keep it simple.

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    Default New Smartie is trying to kill me......

    Reject the car

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