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    Default Re: Start / stop never really works

    Quote Originally Posted by Petem View Post
    Hi all,

    How is everyone's Start / Stop?

    I do about 10 miles a day to / from work, and it never kicks in. If I do the odd 100 mile journey, towards the end, it might kick in once, but then not again. I've recently had the first service, and like a fool completely forgot to mention this to Mercedes.

    Would this be deemed normal due to my relatively low mileage, or does that sound broken?

    Cheers all,

    The conditions according to the manual:

    If the automatic start/stop system automatically switches off the engine, the[@]
    symbol is shown in the instrument cluster.

    This is the case if, among other things:
    • the indicator lamp in the automatic start/stop system button does not light up
    • the outside temperature is within the range that is suitable for the system
    • the engine is at normal operating temperature
    • the set temperature for the vehicle interior has been reached
    • the battery is sufficiently charged
    • the system detects that the windscreen is not misted up when the air -conditioning system is switched on
    • the tailgate is closed
    • the driver's door is closed and the driver's seat belt is fastened.
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    Red face Re: Start / stop never really works

    Cheers all,

    To test, this week I've been driving to work with no fan, no media, no lights. Start/Stop is enabled, when I stop the orange start/stop is showing on my dash, but nothing happens.

    I'll give Mercedes a bell and see. I would have thought if the Smart is being marketed as a City car, I'm pretty much doing the defacto use and would expect it to work - my partners Audi does similar mileage and immediately kicks in.

    Thanks again for input.

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    Default Re: Start / stop never really works

    How old is the car ?

    And what is your resting (engine off for 15 minutes) battery voltage ?

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    Default Re: Start / stop never really works

    It's a year and 2 months, It's never worked as I thought it should, as I said only occasionally popping on after a long drive out. I'll check the Voltage.

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    Default Re: Start / stop never really works

    Stop/Start on mine is very random as well.
    Same journey every working day, which is 20 miles each way, mixture of all road types.
    Often it will not stop at all, regardless of ambient temperature or usage of a/c etc.
    Other times, it works fine.

    Just had it serviced as well, and as per OP, never thought to mention it!

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    Default Re: Start / stop never really works

    Start-Stop works most of the time for me. I've found it's less likely to do so if the environment outside is hot and I have the AC turned off. For the most part I'm happy I have the feature. My fellow drivers sometimes less so, since that second for the engine to start once I engage the clutch is a second too long for the impatient ones..

    Hill-Start assist is voodoo and on random occasions fails me. Usually at the worst times, too. I can quickly rectify this with clutch control, but on some of the auto ForFours I've driven, this caused more than a couple of cars behind me to get fright when I roll backwards.

    Third-time smartie owner in South Africa. Currently the proud owner of a red & white late 2016 smart ForTwo prime 999cc with manual transmission.

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