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    The edge of The Broads, Norfolk.

    Default Smart Convoy - N.D.R. - Saturday 21/4/18....

    Decided to explore the new N.D.R. on the way home from Norwich today, and as relief from what is essentially just a very mundane piece of dual-carriageway, punctuated by roundabouts with what I am sure will turn out to be accident inducing lane markings, I was greeted by a convoy of Smarts coming the other way!

    Probably six or seven of you, including a couple of Roadsters!
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    Default Re: Smart Convoy - N.D.R. - Saturday 21/4/18....

    Probably on their way down to the Brooklands meet?

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    Default Re: Smart Convoy - N.D.R. - Saturday 21/4/18....

    Maybe the Wherrysmarts St. George's weekend guys - though they would have been in a tube

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    Default Re: Smart Convoy - N.D.R. - Saturday 21/4/18....

    That would have been us having fun in a "tube" (the correct terminology!!)

    Wherrysmarts weekend being supported by many and this was the trip to Aylsham to get the train to Wroxham then a boat on the Broads.

    The Sunday was spent with the NNCVC doing the St Georges Drive it day. Great fun and something we have supported for many years.
    Try and join us next year 28 April is the day.

    Watch out for either Champagne Remix roadie, Aqua Vanilla 42, Numeric Blue 42 or a blue 44 all belonging to us. We are in Dereham.

    Hope to catch up with you sometime
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