Hey guys!!

First poster!!

Site looks great and full of info

Having some issues with my roof.

The second phase of the roof coming down is not working. Not the sliding part... the dropping part of the roof.

The hooks wont clip on, on either side. So when I lift the roof back in place they dont want to clip in place. I have to get a flat head screwdriver to press on the metal tab for the hooks to engage or disengage.
Even if you want the roof to drop, the electronic button doesn't work.

The roof slides well. That side of things works good... but the hooks wont engage at all whether you wnat it drop or lift to lock in again.

Also, while I have the slide roof apart, I notice I can have the roof fixed by the two hooks firmly in place but I can still slide the cables in out electronically. Shouldn't the tabs on the roof be telling the roof not to slide if I dont have the side pieces in place???

Sorry for the bad explanation. Hope that makes sense.

Any help would be appreciated.