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    Default Closing Cabrio rear section 450

    Our 2004 Cabrio has a fault with the rear (screen) section drivers side catch.

    Will not latch in the down position or up position. Had to 'help' the white covered hook to latch today in the up position - roof then closed normally.

    after repeated slamming, is this catch adjustable?

    Or do I have to take it to a Smart dealer to have it sorted.

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    Default Re: Closing Cabrio rear section 450

    A dealer will:

    a) charge the earth - not
    b) probably suggest you need a new roof - definitely not

    You need a smart independent specialist , who will be more adept at sorting the problem out ___

    Where are you in the country so we might direct your call

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    Default Re: Closing Cabrio rear section 450

    I am Living in Bromley, Kent

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    Default Re: Closing Cabrio rear section 450

    Yes, I am having the same issue!! I have to manually have them clip on/off if I press on the metal tab.

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