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    Default Independent near Crewe, Cheshire?

    Hi my friends. I need yet another front spring replacing, I know of Mastertech, but any alternatives nearer to Crewe, Cheshire? IIRC there is one in Telford? All help welcome. Even better if anyone fancies doing it at my place, if they have the kit and knowledge, as a nice little earner? Cash??

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    Default Re: Independent near Crewe, Cheshire?

    I'm in Cheshire and don't know of any places nearer to you than Mastertech.

    However, you don't need a Smart specialist to replace a spring. Any decent garage should be able to do it. Why not have a go yourself? I did mine and found the hardest bit was getting the shock back on the hub.
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    Default Re: Independent near Crewe, Cheshire?

    The other alternatives to MA are Ball & Brown (Southport) or Smart Technic (Birmingham).

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    Default Re: Independent near Crewe, Cheshire?

    Sending it to my usual MOT place,, as its only a 3 mile trip. Others are min 44 miles. Can't do it myself due to old back injury, so have to watch what I do now. Ta for answers anyway.

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