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    Default Re: Rev Counter - It go Bye Bye's ?

    Just to update this 5 weeks later!
    Well, I've been constantly confused by this.

    I moved the needle to a totally different spot on the dial, and it seemed to work, ok.
    So I left it there for a week normal driving showed the needle in the redline! lol

    I thought, ok, so you are working, let's pull off the needle and position at the correct place.
    Next day, did not work again.

    And so it's gone on and on, have the cover off when driving and manually pushing the needle, it worked then it dropped to zero.


    Something dawned on me, and I think I know what's happening.

    My Rev counter seems to work in the morning on my way to work, but not in the afternoon on my way home!
    This dawned on me just over a day ago, and I'll see if it's working tomorrow as it was not working on my way home.

    Crazy, you say?

    Well, my only conclusion is that is might be heat related. In the morning, car and rev counter is cold.
    Recent days it's been quite warm/hot with revcounter in it's pod on the dash being warmed by the sun.

    You think I could be onto something here?

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    Default Re: Rev Counter - It go Bye Bye's ?

    I'll say it again...

    Quote Originally Posted by 137699 View Post
    Sounds like this may be your issue....


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    Default Re: Rev Counter - It go Bye Bye's ?

    Quote Originally Posted by 137699 View Post
    I'll say it again...

    Hi thanks.
    i will admit, I was a bit scared about the prospect of taking the speedo off / out of the way.
    And did not at 1st really understand how, but as the Rev Counter seemed to defy any form of logic, it was either a replacement rev-counter or attempt removing that filter things behind the speed that they say was fitted, but not needed in reality.

    Managed to find a long torx key and after a bit of fiddling (very deep) found the screw hole, so decided I'd at least take the screws out and see if anything came lose.
    Took all 4 screws out, has a bit of a jiggle and pull, and gently was able to turn the speedo pod around enough to see the back of it, and yes, there was this electrical noise? filter thing.
    If it was not there, then I'd have to get a new rev-counter for sure.
    Anyway, managed to remove it (bit of a pig as there were latches that stop it falling out, and they were hard to un-latch, but managed it in the end.

    Fired the car up, before I reassembled it, and rev counter did move a bit (but it did do sporadically anyway)
    So, clipped all back together, all 4 screws back in tight, and went down the road.

    So far it SEEMS to be working fine.
    I'll need to give it a day or two, to be sure it's ok, but, I'm keeping my fingers crossed this was it....

    Thanks. (hopefully!)

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    Default Re: Rev Counter - It go Bye Bye's ?

    Great news....... seems to be working reliably again, irrespective of heat in the car, so I guess, after all, it was that module being affected by heat etc that was the culprit.
    Needle back in place correctly and put glass/cover back on.....

    Yay, I actually fixed something without costing any money for once!

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