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    Default Re: Springs, are there any more robust, stronger?

    S-mann has a liftkit for the smart

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    Default Re: Springs, are there any more robust, stronger?

    Quote Originally Posted by ossy View Post
    375 Euro for something which is for show only and not legal for road!

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    Default Re: Springs, are there any more robust, stronger?

    I have seen that kit but from another supplier for $400 in the states I believe, but it didn't show a good pic of a stock car with it installed. I like it just to get some space between that rad and the flying gravel from our gravel roads.....not to mention the potholes.....Hmmm.....might have to start saving my pennies. We can lift almost anything here within reason....we see trucks etc with simple chunks of steel to lift them 8-10 inches to fit massive tires under for mudding....as long as the tires are street legal they get away with it......but now a days the lift kit merchants have caught on bigtime and offer kits for almost everything.....but a lifted Smart did take me by surprise when i say their kit...lol. Have you seen the youtube clips of the off-roading Smarts..? Basically ATV suspension under a smart car....OK, even that is interesting being an old off roader myself....but it does take away from any type of mileage benefits doesn't it!

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