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    Default Smartphone App dead

    Note this morning that the Smartphone app for the SmartED has finally stopped working in the UK, a result of the withdrawal of 2G service by whichever mobile operator it is that the Smart's inbuilt comms module uses.

    The only alternative now is using Powerline technology, communicating over the mains supply via the OEM granny charger stowed in the bootlid. But it does require a compatible Powerline adaptor to work. The arcane connection process is detailed on pages 122 and 123 of the owner's manual. I wondered if anyone had found a suitably compatible adaptor that works with the Smart?


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    Default Re: Smartphone App dead

    That’s a bit **** innit

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    Default Re: Smartphone App dead

    Is it "Homeplug AV" powerline?

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    Yes. That's the standard specified in the owner's manual. But I seem to recall from somewhere that these things can be a bit fickle when connecting to other manufacturers' units. I have a TP-Link on order and will report back in due course.

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