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    Default Retro Fitting a Tacho/clock....

    Hi all,

    Not really looking to change my 451 Cabrio just at the moment, but when the time comes I quite fancy a 453 Forfour....Specifically, a 1.0 Passion in black with Cadmium Red panels, or all black.

    This model seems to have everything I would be looking for, but I would like the combined tachometer/clock that mounts to the right of the instrument binnacle on the higher spec. models.

    Does anyone know for certain whether this can be retro fitted.... DIY or otherwise?

    The grumpy old git in the '08 451 Passion Cabrio (Silver/Blue)

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    Default Re: Retro Fitting a Tacho/clock....

    I don't know about your part, but I asked both SMART and Mercedes separately to give me a quote for retro fitting a reverse camera into a 2015 ForFour, and both told me that it could not be done even though the part can be purchased and the option was (and still is) available for these cars. I would suggest you contact them directly to find out but I would think not given my own experience with them.

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    Default Re: Retro Fitting a Tacho/clock....

    It can be done.


    A lot of it amounts to (as per usual with these things) on how adept your local smart dealer are at 'doing things'

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