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    Question Smart-Media System: Android Auto and Apple Carplay coming?

    Hey all,

    I'm reading that the current models of the smart Media System includes (or may include) Android Auto, and some articles mention Carplay coming too.

    Can anybody confirm this, and maybe say if this is backward compatible somehow?

    I drove a loan 2017 and noticed the interface is slightly faster than the 2016, and the iconography on the steering wheel button is slightly different to the 2016 model. My local dealer told me that the 2018 model (arriving in May on our shores) will have Andoid Auto. He also mentioned that "Hey Siri" will also be included (which I'm assuming means Carplay).

    Ultimately I would like Carplay, so I don't have to rely on TomTom's outrageous yearly upgrade plan.
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    Default Re: Smart-Media System: Android Auto and Apple Carplay coming?

    As noted by a recent smart press release:

    "The smart Audio-System (in combination with the lines) and the smart Media-System now includes voice-operated smartphone control with Siri (operating system iOS 6 and higher and Google Now (operating system Android 4.1 and higher). The new voice-operated smartphone control can be activated by pressing and holding the push-to-talk button on the multifunction steering wheel. A further new feature is the improved USB charging socket for the smart Media-System in the centre console. This enables a smartphone to be charged even more quickly.

    In addition, the Android Auto App can be used with compatible smartphones with a USB connection. Android Auto enables smartphone content to be mirrored on the screen and operated via the touchscreen. The display elements of the navigation function have been modified."

    Smart have been promising carplay for a LONG time, but nothing has arrived or formally been announced yet, android auto is a step in the right direction though, and hopefully this will be available as an upgrade to older systems too.

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    Default Re: Smart-Media System: Android Auto and Apple Carplay coming?

    Hey guys!

    For those interested, this came up in one of the 453 Facebook posts!

    I also read on another forum that "some" 453s have CarPlay hidden behind the scenes too.
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    Default Re: Smart-Media System: Android Auto and Apple Carplay coming?

    That worked on mine, I'm miffed to see that they're bringing out a model with a beefed up USB port.
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    Default Re: Smart-Media System: Android Auto and Apple Carplay coming?

    That tutorial worked perfectly on my 2015 Smart ForFour I now have android auto. Really sad that Smart won't update the older cards as it's just a software switch. Takes a bit of time but so worth it, and so much better than the TomTom effort!

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