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    Default Roadster Storage Measurements

    Hi there, I've had a Fortwo for a number of years and am upgrading to a Roadster - hoping for a Coupe, but the notch back seems more likely atm.

    Could someone point me to some accurate measurements of the front and rear storage spaces (roof up) so I can check if my photography gear will fit?

    Many thanks

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    Default Re: Roadster Storage Measurements

    You'd be better off asking this question on as that's where most of the Roadster owners reside.

    Also you'd be well to read the buyers guide as there's quite a number of things you need to consider about Roadsters - they're not quite the "walk in the park" that fortwo's are to own:

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    Default Re: Roadster Storage Measurements

    The front 'boot' is an odd shape so you would best to try & find a Roadster to try your gear in ...... I'm in north Manchester )

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