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    Unhappy Major electric problem?

    I am getting somehow frustrated with my roadster which I've had for some 3 years now. These are the issues I'm seeing, does anyone happen to know if this indicates a major electrical issue and possibly the approximate cost of having this fixed? I am just a little woried that the value of the car is actually lower than the repair

    1) Some 4 months ago the roof got stuck half way and the guys in the garage had to force close it, as I couldn't leave the car there at that point.
    2) Horn sometimes doesn't work.
    3) Heating doesn't work at all. It wasn't when I bought it (which I found out much later).
    4) Now the main issue for me are the headlights. All lights work apart from the main headlights. Beam lights and the small lights (sorry don't know what they're called) work too. The garage changed the light switch but it didn't help. What they suggested to do as a quick fix is to connect the wiring to beamlights to the main headlights. It worked for about 3 days and then the same happened: I hear clicking, the lights start flashing and eventually stop working. Any ideas what this could be?
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    Default Re: Major electric problem?

    Take your Roadster to a Smart specialist. Can't advise which specialist to go to since we do not know your location.

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    Default Re: Major electric problem?

    You should get registered on as there are far more roadster owners on there.

    Your issues are all solvable.

    1. Need to get a specialist to repair.
    2. Oxidised connectors on the horn. Clean them but replace it anyway as it's pathetic. Use the smart fanfare horn.
    3. Assuming the fan is working but there is no cabin hear? New heater matrix needed.
    4. Melted plug at the Sam. Simple fix.

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    I am based in Wolverhampton. Any suggestions as where to go?

    I went to a small garage and they say thal as for the headlights the entire sam unit has to be replaced. My issue with that is - if it was completely dead so that it has to be replaced, wouldn't other "things" not work neither? I rather think that the case is as you suggested - 137699 - that it is the plug. Or at least just some wiring for the main headlights.

    I will try to register on the other forum too.


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    Default Re: Major electric problem?

    Smart Technic would probably have my vote -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ocracoke View Post
    Smart Technic would probably have my vote -

    I will check them out. In fact, it looks like they did something very similar:

    Thank you so much!

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