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    Default Removing OEM armrest - help[emoji31][emoji31]

    I decided the armrest that came in my new forfour was rubbish (after a bit of plastic fell out on its first use, and it's so flimsy!) so I ordered one from wood company and it looks cracking...... only problem is I can't for the life of me figure out how to remove the original one!? I've removed the only visible screw and started to remove the back plate plastic but it's just solid honeycome plastic behind it so I'm stuck, has anyone removed one before please??

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    Default Re: Removing OEM armrest - help[emoji31][emoji31]

    As i've just fitted one of the OEM armrests (which i've found to be quite sturdy, but i'd be interested to know which part fell off) in my forfour proxy, I can tell you how it goes together, quite simple really. Slide both front seats forward. you'll see 2 plates on either side of the armrest, you'll need to remove these to access 2 screws on either side of the armrest itself. you'll also need trim removal tools to remove the clips either side of the front edge. once the screws and clips are removed, you'll need to release the cigarette lighter point and media system interface - these simply release from underneath.

    Once you've removed the armrest as a complete unit, you'll need to remove the metal bracket mounted to the chassis so that you can now fit the regular cup holder base, which you'll need to purchase from smart. The metal bracket itself mounts with 2 nuts towards the front and 2 screws at the back under the carpet.

    I'll add some photos to this so you can see how it all goes together.

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