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    Default Poor colour match on black 453

    This is a general post to all smart owners.I have recently bought a new Black prime sport I am pleased with vehicle but the colour match is poor, the main reason is that the car has two paint codes.At no time during my purchase did I think that black tridion and black panels would be so bad.It is worse in full sun.Have complained and await outcome.It looks like silver has two paint codes as looked at one in showroom.Has anyone else had or in discussions with any dealerships.All I wanted was to have my first new car to be as I would expect from a premium priced car.

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    Default Re: Poor colour match on black 453

    You have two different finishes, the frame is painted black, the panels (fortwo anyway) are impregnated black. Always has looked very poor (IMHO).
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    Default Re: Poor colour match on black 453

    I do understand your frustration, but looking at the e-brochure the tridion and body panel colours do look slightly different - not just the black ones either. The tridion is a marketing/brand feature, and seems intended to be a contrasting colour to the panels, so they probably aren't meant to match.
    As such I don't think you'll get much 'help' from Smart on this. Shame the dealer didn't warn you.

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    Default Re: Poor colour match on black 453

    Thanks for comment but surely by now they could either tone down the tridion to match panels or as we have come on a long way since the model t ford get slightly closer.I think as a premium priced car they should may be be more forward when someone orders what they hope would be a single paint code car.Learnt hard way must ask salesman before purchase of the chances panels may not match.I am sure you don't need to ask many manufacturers this.

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    Default Re: Poor colour match on black 453

    This must be the very definition of "First world problems"

    I have to admit I don't really understand the issue, Smarts have used different shades of black on tridion and panels since the very first of the 450s back in 1998, have you honestly never noticed this?

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    Default Re: Poor colour match on black 453

    New to smart had blue/silver/black very pleased with that model didn't think that this had been a non issue on matching for this company for so many years must be why so many people do decide that it's best not to match tridion shell and keep the original concept multi coloured.Wish it stated that issue in brochure or verbally by salesperson.

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