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    Default Tomtom estimated time of arrival

    My wife picked up an Edition White a few months ago. All is good and a vast improvement on the Passion Cabrio we had 15 years ago, now having a daughter the back seats are also useful.

    Averaging close to 40mpg on largely school run rush hour trips.

    The only issue I can't resolve is with the clock. All three are set to the correct time, including the tomtom unit, but they have to be set manually as auto update doesn't appear to work.

    However whenever I set a route the estimated time to destination assumes the clock is set to GMT (its set to BST time) and adds an hour for BST so it is always an hour more than it will take.

    I've tried all the times settings to resolve it and whilst is not a major issue its not ideal.

    Any ideas on what I am missing?

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    Default Re: Tomtom estimated time of arrival

    Do you set the clock through the Smart Media settings, as that seems to set everything else correctly for me.
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    Default Re: Tomtom estimated time of arrival

    My car was in for a stop/start issue this week and whilst there the media etc was updated and this corrected a +1 hr arrival time issue that I had. The update also changed a few other things such as changing the keyboard to qwerty from A, B, C etc.

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    Default Re: Tomtom estimated time of arrival

    I resolved it by choosing auto time update, letting the clock set itself to GMT, so an hour slow, and not touching anything. Next time I used the car the clock reset itself to BST and estimated time is now correct.

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